History Of The Houses "La Torre"
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Located in the PROPERTY the TORRE, it was property of the denominated "House of Nava", to which among other properties the Roque "and" the Pile "belonged the property", adjacent by the west and the "Palace of Nava", located in I finish municipal of the Lagoon and whose first proprietor was VII Marquess de Villanueva of the Prado.
The construction of a plant this considered like an example of Traditional House of the Architecture Canary Domestic servant.
It was constructed in 1820, by Sir. Tomas of Nava and Perez of Barradas next your daugther Antonia Maria de Nava and Llarena, unmarried who died in the Lagoon in 1922, to the 102 years of age. To the death of Doña Antonia Maria, the property passed to its niece Doña Juana de Ascanio Montemayor, married with Don Victor Windy Perez and whose property showed it until its death in 1974.
Between years 1974 to 1992, the property corresponded to him to if son Don Eduardo Perez Windy Ascanio. From 1992 to 1998, it was property of the brothers Don Eduardo and Don Emilio Perez Ascanio, children of the previous proprietor. As of year 1998 the property only corresponds to Don Eduardo Perez to him Ascanio.

The houses are in surroundings of manifest agricultural operation. At their time each house tapeworm a specific function (for house, stables or quarter of aperos) Today in day has been modified and reformed varying their inner distribution, for comfort and enjoys his huespedes.
DATILERA And CANARIA: They were constructed of a single plant and later one added to a kitchen and dining room to them in the high part in his later part. It always served for lodging delos medianeros of the property. They were rehabilitated in 2001 introducing small modifications and varying its outer ditribución. Its volume with the construction of a located dormitory was increased and the kitchen in the lateral one straight, the old bath was transformed into laundry
KENTIA: A part was dedicated to stable and the other like quarter of aperos for the property, also was left in the decada one of the 60. It was rehabilitated in 2000 introducing small modifications in his inner distribution and hollow of windows and doors. The cover was made to 2 waters to keep sintonia with the other houses. Not increase its volume.
WASHINTONIA: At his moment she was used for the lodging of the medianeros of the property, whose descendants were always the inhabitants of the same one. The house was frees in the decada one of the 60. It was rehabilitated in 2000 varying his inner distribution, before were 2 great halls and cooks outside, was increased his volume with the construction of the located laundry and bath in the later part, asi as the old kitchen and quarter of existing aperos in the lateral one straight, communicated with the house transforming itself into dormitories.