INTEREST SITES (Near the Houses the TORRE)

BEACH OF SOCORRO: To 5 minutes of the houses this the BEACH of SOCORRO (more information here)
LORO PARQUE: In South direction (approx 5 km.) In the Port de la Cruz we can visit DARK-BROWN PARK TENERIFE: Zoological with an extension of 13 hectareas and but visited of Spain. It emphasizes the greater one and but diverse collection of papagayos of the world, a great population of pinguinos, the greater delfinario of Europe, also gorilas, felines, seals and impressive a bótanico garden, everything taken care of very well and with one magnifies calidad/precio.

MILLENARIAN DRAGON TREE: In North direction (approx 12 km.) encuetra ICOD OF WINES, town of great interest by its canary architecture, his gastronomia, its wines and mainly by the MILLENARIAN DRAGON TREE, emblematic symbol of this city that next to the Teide is the most representative elements of the island of Tenerife. Its antiquity dates from about a 1000 to 2000 years and is of a called species draco Dracaena, being able to reach about 20 ms of height. To few passages of Drago is the House of the Inquisición, old house of end of century XVII and principles of the XVIII, of style to mudejar with balcony covered with a salient tribune and with windows of track.
PUERTO DE LA CRUZ: In South direction (approx 5 km.) Cosmopolitan city and of great turistico interest, the old zone is very pretty and emphasizes by its canary typical architecture, also emphasize: its beaches (BEACH GARDEN), an immense GARDEN BOTANICO of international fame, and as not by the LAKE MARTIANEZ (Work of the canary artist To stop Manrique) that is cotogether of swimming pools integrated in the nature with diverse acuaticas attractions.
LOS REALEJOS: In direction the west (approx 2 km.) Agricola municipality surrounded by plataneras and located in the continuation of the mountain range of the skirts of the TEIDE, of great turistica attraction we say that it is an prolongation of the Port de la Cruz. Its church of the Conception has I magnify baroque altarpiece and of course in his it limits with the sea is magnifies BEACH Of the AID
GARACHICO: In North direction (approx 16 km.) One of the clean towns but of Spain, enjoys a peace and indescriptible tranquillity, in 1706 was devastated by a volcanic urupción, this event is visible in the lava taps that arrive at the sea and in its natural swimming pools. To visit the CASTLE OF San Miguel.
The OROTAVA, way towards the Teide: In North direction (approx 7 km.) In his day it already astonished to the great traveller and geographer Humboldt, who put like one of the beautiful places but of the planet. This villa is one of but the old ones of the island. It emphasizes mainly by his canary typical architecture with his wood balconies that hang of the houses and by the celebration of corpus in which one decorates the streets with murals done with flowers and volcanic sand. The OROTAVA is another one of the access roads towards the NATIONAL PARK Of the TEIDE visits forced of a indescriptible park, of great beauty and extension.
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