The Houses estan located in the municipality of the Realejos (between the Port de la Cruz and San Juan of the Boulevard). The departure point of these indications of arrival is the city of the Lagoon. The distance from this city to the houses is of 40 km and it takes approximately 30 minutes in arriving.
From the cojeremos city of the LAGOON the Tf-5 freeway in direction PORT De la Cruz, once we arrive at the deflection with this city (without leaving the freeway), we will follow in direction ICOD OF the WINES, reference that we will follow until arriving at the houses (always in Icod direction of wines). Later in kilometro 41 we will be a TUNNEL. Passed the tunnel and despues of the first curve to the left we will see the straight line where the deflection is towards the Houses the Tower (in km 42), in this straight line there are 5 deflections towards the left:

1. Deflection entered the Beach of Socorro
2. Deflection exit of the Beach of Socorro
3. Deflection is a dirt road (without asphalting)
4. Deflection leads to a particular property.
5. Deflection Leads to the HOUSES the TOWER and is the POINT OF CONTACT, for the delivery of keys, etc.

Rural Houses Tenerife